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Core Values

The academic capacity and vitality of Olivarez College flow from, and are nourished by the core values which underpin the Strategic Plan, and are reflected in all Olivarez College activities.


Honesty and high ethical standards will inform all actions of Olivarez College as an academic enterprise dedicated to scholarship, discovery and creativity. These standards are the hallmark of our success and our excellence as a global university.


Olivarez College is committed to building excellence throughout its educational, research and outreach programs, involving every unit of the institution and every member of the Olivarez College community. This pursuit of excellence is driven by our respect for knowledge, our passion for learning, and our concern for human well-being.


A sustained commitment to openness and accountability is critical to Olivarez College’s success as a public institution of international standing. The best interests of Olivarez College are served by having in place structures which ensure accountability at all levels and a commitment to raising quality through continuous improvement.

Responsible Enquiry

The freedom and responsibility of all stakeholders to engage in critical enquiry and intellectual discourse is vital to the advancement of the frontiers of knowledge and the pursuit of higher truths. Within the Olivarez College community, academic faculty should take the lead in promoting the rational debate of ideas and constructive problem-solving based on academic values and priorities.


We seek to create interdisciplinary, synergistic and collegial relationships characterized by honesty, collaboration, inclusiveness and flexibility. Fostering civil dialogue, promoting collegial exchanges and cultivating mutual respect are essential to our healthy development as an increasingly diverse and robust community of students, alumni, faculty and staff. These values support a robust academic culture which nurtures our academic enterprise and intellectual life.