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Olivarez College Tagaytay Philosophy

Olivarian education endeavors to combine the best in human and Christian tradition with awareness of, and involvement in the present day demands of national and global development. The earnest striving for self-realization is, therefore, directed to find its fulfillment in responsible service that will significantly contribute to the common effort towards national and global development.

General Goals of Olivarian Education

Olivarez College Tagaytay aims to have:

  • a quality and diverse body of students;
  • a holistic and responsive educational program with a multicultural orientation;
  • a highly competent faculty and support staff;
  • a balanced curriculum responsive to societal needs;
  • state-of-the-art facilities;
  • efficient and effective administrative systems;
  • a supportive and involved alumni;
  • a pulsating culture or research;
  • strong local and international linkages and collaborations; and
  • globally employable graduates