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Olivarian Nursing Education Philosophy

The College of Nursing upholds the nursing statement of Olivarian education. Moreover, the college subscribes to the concept of man as a bio psychosocial and spiritual being. Guided by this tenet, the college continuously strives to develop young men and women to be imbued with holistic concern for man, regardless of his race, socioeconomic, political and religious affiliation.

Hence, the college seeks the total formation of young men and women who will be professionally competent in addressing the health needs of society.
The Olivarian Nursing education aims to produce graduates who:

  • Demonstrate professional competencies of a beginning nurse practitioner;
  • Initiate and participate actively in outreach programs and projects to enhance the delivery of health services to the Filipino people especially the less privileged
  • Engage in continuous learning for professional development and attained managerial position in various fields of practice
  • Participate actively in relevant nursing research activities including the application of evidenced based practice for the improvement of the nursing profession