Community Outreach Program - Objective

Guided by the philosophy of Olivarez College, the Community Outreach Program has the following objectives:

  1. To provide members of the community such assistance that is within the capabilities of Olivarez College in order to meet their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs with a view to prepare them to take fuller responsibility for their own lives and welfare;
  2. To take cognizance of the actual situation and needs of the community;
  3. To instill in the student, faculty, staff and parents the deeper sense of service;
  4. To promote cleanliness, health and environment awareness in the community
  5. To develop Christian social values and social responsibility among Olivarians through the provision of opportunities to:
    1. Become aware of the prevalent problems in the adopted community;
    2. Participate in planning programs for the community using the assessed needs as basis;
    3. Demonstrate a wholesome attitude in implementing outreach projects; and
    4. Become directly and intensively involved in outreach projects, thus, realize community involvement as a responsibility.
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