Faculty - Academic Freedom

The free search for truth requires that there be academic freedom for those who by their special competence and learning realize not only the extent of their abilities and knowledge but also their limitations. Academic freedom, like all human freedom carries with it not only rights but duties as well. Hence, the teacher is entitled to freedom in research and publication of its results. Such publication when done within the institution should not impede the adequate performance of his other academic duties and should not contradict the objectives of Olivarez College.

While recognizing the fact that the teacher is free to teach and discuss his/her subject in the classroom, he/she must respect and safeguard the rights of the students in his/her class and the institution where he/she teaches. Consequently, he/she is not free to teach or discuss controversial issues, official policies, or the very objectives of the school, in a manner contrary or derogatory to the school’s policies or objectives under the guise of academic freedom. It is the teacher’s obligation to conduct the teaching-learning process in keeping with spiritual and temporal laws and principles upon which academic freedom rests.

Teaching should always be geared towards the ultimate end, which arises from man’s dignity as a human person.

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