Faculty - Administrative Responsibilities

The faculty members are expected to assume certain administrative functions and responsibilities in upgrading the quality of instruction and the general welfare of the faculty and the students in the attainment of the goals of Olivarez College.

  1. Participate actively in selecting, designing and organizing curriculum materials and procedures.
  2. Participate in decision-making by providing pertinent information, options, observations, suggestions when these are solicited, or at their own initiative, and by taking part in various meetings and surveys.
  3. Serve in various standing committee of the College, if appointed, and help during the enrollment and orientation of students during the school year and summer break without expecting extra remuneration. Committee work serves three important functions: it facilitates certain necessary administrative activities contributing to good school management; it provides faculty members the opportunity to participate in the formulation of school policies and regulations; it serves as an effective means of in-service training for faculty members.
  4. Help maintain good order, discipline and refine behavior inside and outside the classroom, on and off-campus. They must, therefore, familiarize themselves with the Faculty Manual, the Student Handbook, Bulletin of Information and other guides to policies and procedures in the school and work toward their implementation.
  5. Make themselves available for academic and other types of student consultation at least three hours a week. They facilitate contact between the students and persons in school who can best help them. They guard the confidentiality of certain information and they are not allowed to divulge such information for the good of the person(s) concerned.
  6. Full time and Part time are required to attend all general and committee meetings and functions such as monthly faculty meetings, faculty development seminar, baccalaureate mass and commencement exercises, institutional christmas party, academic assemblies/convocations, other school programs etc. They should also be available for some special assignments such as chaperoning retreats, recollections, exposures, field trips, etc. and class and/or club advisorship.Failure to attend such meetings and functions are deemed as lack of interest in aligning oneself with the objectives of the school and can be a cause for termination from the service or a low performance rating.
  7. Represent the school in conventions or functions when asked to do so.
  8. Help promote good public relations with the community, agencies and other educational institutions through their cooperative service and excellent standards of professional conduct in the community.
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