Faculty - Instructional Resposibilities

Teaching, the primary function of every faculty member, is understood to mean facilitating the transfer of knowledge, skills and values to a class with authority and direction, and geared towards the development of the analytical skills and research capabilities of the students. Hence, a teacher should exert all efforts to maintain quality teaching.

Toward this end, every faculty member in Olivarez College:

  1. Updates the course syllabus (College) or lesson plan and session plan (Grade School and High School) for every subject that he is assigned to teach for the semester and/or school year. The format of these guides shall be prescribed by the teacher’s home department. these should be submitted one week before the opening of classes to the Dean/Principal.
  2. Prepares the methodological presentation and development of subject matter through a session design or plan providing means for the linkage of theories and practices like educational trips seminars and workshops, etc.
  3. Establishes a conducive climate to foster learning in the classroom.
  4. Develops the students’ ability to think critically, express themselves clearly, and aspire for the higher and lasting values in life.
  5. Leads the students to discover their potentials and develop proper attitudes, habits and aspirations that will enable them to learn by themselves for their own good and that of the community.
  6. Attends classes regularly and punctually, and is available for academic consultation with individual students and parents, substitutes for an absent faculty member, proctors during examinations, and supervises on and off-campus activities.
  7. Welcomes evaluation of his teaching performance and uses it as basis for improving himself in this aspect.
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