Faculty - Profesional Responsibilities

All faculty members are enjoined to avail themselves of all opportunities for growth in their line of specialization and in teaching. They are therefore, expected to:

  1. Attend and participate in all seminars/ workshops sponsored by the school before the opening of classes, during the school year, during the semestral break, after closing of classes, and during the summer months, including professional meetings, spiritual activities such as the Holy Spirit Mass at the beginning of the year, Mass in celebration of Olivarez College Foundation Day and others, called by the Administration such as recollections, as well as other professional activities sponsored by the school.Extra hours devoted to faculty development are duly credited through the Perforrmance Appraisal Form.Repeated absences from faculty meetings, and faculty development activities are deemed lack of interest in aligning oneself with the objectives of the school.Summer jobs, tours, travels abroad, etc. may not be a reason for being absent from any seminar, in-service training, and other school activities unless previous arrangement has been made with the department head. School activities should always take priority.
  2. Update their professional readings, attend credit and non-credit courses in their area of specialization, participate in spiritual/personal life sessions and other fields that would make them better teachers and persons.
  3. Seek membership in nationally known professional, religious, and cultural organizations related to their area of specialization, and whenever possible, participate actively in its activities.
  4. Engage in on-going research which may take the following forms: basic and/or applied research, materials development, papers for local or international conference, books and articles publications. Results may be disseminated through the faculty journal, “The Digest” and “The Graduate Research Journal”.
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