Guided by the Vision of Olivarez College Tagaytay (OCT), the Center for Research, Publication, Planning and Development shall become the leading knowledge hub in the province of Cavite that is known for research that embodies excellence in the transfer of relevant and innovative knowledge through holistic and value-laden education and sustainable pro-active extension towards social transformation, exploring initiatives, and possibilities to address local and global possibilities.

Olivarez College Tagaytay (OCT) is committed to translate, advance, transfer, and utilize relevant and innovative knowledge through research engagement.

To attain the Research Vision 2023, OCT aims to:

1. Generate credible and innovative research production that will significantly contribute towards local, national and global development.

2. Increase engagement in classroom-based action research that enhances instruction or teaching-learning processes.

3. Develop quality researchers in residence, who are skillful in the use of various research methodologies, proficient in the use of research tools to analyze data towards formulation of policies and programs designed to improve the quality of life of Filipinos.

4. Collaborate and strengthen local, national and international linkages to increase research engagement and synergy in disseminating and utilizing basic research, applied research and creative works.

5. Establish sustainable processes to cultivate an Olivarian research culture.