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Student Organizations

SHS Student Council is composed of officers elected by the students to officialy represent the Senior High Department in Institutional matters and activities. They are considered as the highest student-governing body promoting the welfare of the Senior High School Students.

The Senior High School also offers different clubs that caters the different hobbies and skills of the students. It aims to further hone the talents of the students. The different clubs promote the interest of the students and endeavor to enrich the learning experience through programs and activities.

Interest Clubs:
  • Toast Masters Club
  • Math Builders Club
  • Earth Savers Club
  • Information Technology Club
  • Homemakers Circle
  • Social Studies Club
  • Dance Troupe
  • Glee Club
  • Christian Ministry
  • Sports Club
  • Book Lovers Club
  • Young Artists Club
  • Public Relations Unit
  • School Publication